Saturday, February 23, 2008

Turn About is Fair Play

When I was just graduating from high school and looking for a major to specialize in, my dad kept (jokingly) pushing me towards accounting. He got his BS in accounting and his MBA and CPA license after that, so maybe he wanted someone to follow in his footsteps. Mostly I think he was just hoping that someone would successfully teach me how to balance my checkbook (believe me, he put me through rigorous courses that didn't stick for years). In any case, my creative temperament balked at the idea of studying anything with--gasp--numbers involved. I was the girl who, at the end of my junior year course of pre-calculus in high school, told my teacher that I was done with math. She couldn't understand my decision. She at first tried to convince me to take calculus with the rest of my friends the next year. When she could see I was determined, she tried to get me to take a course in AP Stats. Finally when she could see I really was set on my "no math" policy she said in exasperation, "But Alicia, you're so good at math!" I remember looking at her blankly, wondering how she could have not noticed the vacant and puzzled expression on my face the entire year.

In any case, I entered BYU with a declared major in broadcast journalism (I wanted to be the next Anne Curry). After a few semesters of that I decided to go into history teaching, then pre-law, then History again--this time no teaching emphasis--then I was about to transfer universities so I could go into fashion design--until I met an amazing writing teacher who opened me up to the world of being an English major. I loved to read, I loved to write more, and once I discovered that I actually liked doing literary criticism, I was sold. And I never looked back.

Recently though, I have become convinced that my dad has somehow gotten his "revenge." About a month ago my boss was completely lost trying to use a new computer program her husband had installed to better organize her business, Quickbooks Pro. She isn't the most tech savvy so I offered to sit down and take the tutorial . . . which has evolved into my being the official bookkeeper for Sakora. I handle inventory, I organize sales tax, enter in recites and track sales. One tutorial on how to enter inventory has turned into many, many other tutorials since, until I feel pretty competent with the program. And oddly enough, I actually have fun doing this kind of thing. Who would have thought . . . Dad!

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