Friday, October 16, 2009

Not So Little Anymore

You see the look on my face? This is how Mommy feels because she has no idea where the cord that connects the camera to the computer has been boxed up and stored, so she can't blog just how cute I have become in the past two months. And let me tell you, it is pretty darn cute.

At 10 months:
I am swimming across the floor with my right foot in the air, pushing off with my left foot. My favorite songs are Pop Corn Popping on the Apricot Tree and Old McDonald. I love all food except for fishy crackers. They make me want to puke. I am pretty shy, although as long as Mom is holding me I will flirt with old ladies at church or at the grocery store. I like to think that already I'm a heartbreaker. My first two teeth came in a few days apart--on September 12 and 15. I hate cow's milk but love soy milk, and especially love Grandpa Weatherspoon's whole wheat hazelnut bread.

At 11 months:
On my eleventh month birthday I decided that I wanted to crawl for real, and I popped up on my little knees. You should have seen the proud look on my face. I love to read, and the hymn books at church have pages that are especially fun to turn. I am pulling myself up on everything and toddling around the furniture. I like to look out the sliding glass door with Tiki, and go for walks. But I do not like it when Mom puts a hat on me. I grew out of my size 3 shoes and had to get new ones. I'm not so shy anymore, and I love to talk on the phone. I even put it up to my ear now! I clap my hands all the time, and still refuse to say, "Ma Ma." I'm making Mom work for that one. My favorite food is Life cereal, but I will eat anything off of someone's plate.
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