Friday, October 2, 2009

We didn't fall off the face of the earth, just off the face of Utah . . .

So no, we aren't dead. My blogging over the past month and a half has not reflected that fact, but indeed we are alive and well. Here is what has taken me away from the wonderful world of blogging . . .
See those happy faces? RANDY GRADUATED!!! Believe me, there was much jubulation. It has been a long couple of years, but he did an amazing job with his schooling. I am so proud of him.
And a cute grad pic of Wes, because really I couldn't resist.

Immediately after convocation we left on vacation, because Ashley finally saw the light and came to the conclusion that Randy and I came to long ago . . . she needed to marry Morgan. But first we spend some time with all the great-grandparents along the way . . .
Great Grandma Johnson!

Great-Grandma Fredrickson!

Great-Grandpa Fredrickson!

We drove down to Salem for a few days, and did fun things like eat ice cream . . .


. . . and go to the zoo . . .
Hello Mr. Turtle!
and a very playful beaver!
and my monkey friend!

. . . and ride on piggies . . .
. . . and ride on a carousel!
Then it was time for the wedding.
The happy couple. Isn't Ashley just the most gorgeous ever?

(Funny side note: Randy and I were married in Seattle because the Portland temple was closed for cleaning. Ashley and Morgan were married in the Portland temple because Seattle was closed for cleaning. And our engagement rings and dresses were very similar. So that pretty much makes us twins, ha ha.)

And then it was up to Seattle for the reception . . .
How handsome!

We stayed in Federal way just long enough to get a job--hooray! And then it was home again, to pack up and move in the space of a week and a half. During this time, Wesley got two teeth, and perfected his breast-stroke moves around the floor.

We then moved back to Federal Way, WA (thanks for taking us in Mom and Dad Johnson!) so Randy can work as the community relations man for a small senior care business.

Wesley turned 10 months, which deserves its own post another day. Poor guy has been in upheaval what with all the traveling (which doesn't bode well for nap-time) and new people and teething. I'm afraid that some members of our family didn't get the best impression of little Wes--I promise he usually is a very happy little fellow who can play on his own! But he needed Mom a little more often this past month with all the change, and I don't blame him. I was sure glad to have my mom helping us on the move up here!

There are exciting things on the way--including a book club which I will be sharing on the blog. So look out! We are back in the realm of the living, breathing, blogging world.

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