Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

We had a fun fourth of July. The boys had some adorable matching shirts, so I tortured them into sitting for a picture. This was about as good as we could get.

These hooligans do love each other, for all their shenanigans.

This pretty much sums up their feelings on mom wanting to take their picture.

Pretty soon it was all about playing in the water.

And picking/eating fresh berries.

And sprinkler running.

Fredrick has a love/hate relationship with water. He is such a water bug, but then he gets absolutely freezing. He was standing there shaking, but wouldn't go in.

We got him to sit in the sun for a few minutes before he was right back out there.

There was water balloon fight, part deux.

Everyone but mom and baby were in on it. I was wiley and volunteered for baby/camera duty.

Who can blame me with a cuddle bug like this?

Things got pretty wild. I think a few people had welts.

Wesley showing off his weapons of choice.

Fred getting ready to attack.

Daddy showing Fredrick how to stand in the sun to get warm

Playing lawn darts, toddler/water version. 

We ended the festivities with some delicious food and a few dinky fireworks. We were all pretty worn out after so much fun in one day!

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