Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Photodump

June was a fun month. We really enjoyed having Great Grandma Fredrickson staying here at Grandma Weatherspoon's house. The boys were in heaven with an extra grandma around. I was pretty happy too!

The weather turned nice enough to start playing outside in the water. This is pretty much the boys' favorite thing to do. They are definitely little water bugs!

Getting each other

This picture totally cracks me up. Fredrick looks like that vintage Uncle Sam recruitment poster from WWII. Great capture grandma!

Wesley watering the peas. We just finished helping harvest and eat the peas . . . no little red hens here! Nothing better. Who says organic has to cost a fortune? 

My parents were able to take Great Grandma back to eastern Oregon to visit her sister. This is pretty much the first time in forever they have been apart; they have lived close enough to visit weekly since before I was born. I love this.

Timothy started smiling. He is such a laid back baby. I can't even complain when I wake up at four or five to feed this little cutie, because he just gives me the cutest, dimpled grins. Melts your heart for sure.

I love how he cuddles the Wubanub. Adorable!

The boys wanted to build a fort like they had built at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house (I think over Christmas?) and eat popcorn. Silly boys.

LeGrand took a break from his studying for an afternoon and we took the boys to a local children's museum for a little outing.

They have this awesome train room, with a scaled down model of the train tracks that run around the waterfront here in Salem where the museum is located.

Playing trains

The bubble station was of course a hit. 

For older boys as well!

This is Wesley's tower he built. He was very proud! 

Timothy getting in on the superhero craze. Thanks Aunt Joy!

My mom took me and the boys out for ice cream one afternoon.

A sticky success!

I am blessed with a husband who takes special care of me when I get the postpartum blues. Thanks babe!

Cuteness itself.

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