Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun Summer Days

We have had gorgeous weather around these parts lately, if not a bit hot for my taste. Thus there has been much slathering of sunscreen (thank you, Nordic ancestors on both sides--our kids have no chance) and large hats for baby. Although I think little Timothy looks ridiculously cute in his silly, floppy, SPF 50. 

He has been liking to bat at some toys on a play mat lately, and he grins at the flashing lights/music. He is growing up way too fast. My newborn is gone (sniff). Don't get me wrong, each stage is equally adorable and exciting to discover. But part of me just misses those sweet newborn cuddles.

Google does these cute animations with multiple uploaded pictures. This one particularly captures his cute smiles and babbles right now.

My mom made these fantastic Captain America shields for the boys. Very cool.

The boys showing them off.

Sleeping sweetie.

Fred is our resident artist. Oh, excuse me, Captain America in Spiderman pajamas is our artist . . . 

One hat was obviously insufficient . . . 

Just hangin' out

Drinking two different juices at the same time. This kid likes his juice!

Bubbles are a summertime necessity.

Laying down the armor briefly.

Brothers having fun together.

Of course it has to turn into a bubble fight . . . I'm learning things have different rules for boys.

The cutest burrito I've seen in awhile!

That smile!

The first water balloon fight of the summer. A resounding success!

We went to the park where I tried tennis for the first time. It was really fun! I was much less inept than I thought I would be, although don't get me wrong--I'm a BEGINNER. I was just excited that I was able to serve within the lines and return a few serves of LeGrand's.

The boys LOVED tennis. Wesley wanted to sleep with the racket that night.

Timothy had fun just sitting outside, sucking on the binkie, enjoying the fresh air.

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