Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wesley's spotlight

Our Primary (our church's children's organization) has been doing something fun for the kids this year. Each Sunday they spotlight one of the kids, and a few weeks ago they featured our Wesley. He was so excited and proud. This is the bookmark he got:

This is the spotlight they read about him:

Name: Wesley
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: dark blond/ light brown
Favorite food: waffles and berries with whipped cream
Siblings: two brothers
Interests and hobbies: playing with cars, building things in grandpa's shop
Pets: a chinchilla
Favorite vacation: visiting cousins
Favorite Primary song: the wise man and the foolish man
Scripture hero: Nephi
Loves most about Primary: his teacher
Something unique or special about him: he is really good at geography and loves the color red

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