Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Update

Well, the first trimester is over, and I have to say that it really wasn't that bad. I say this now, because I pretty much don't remember the last three months. I vaguely remember puking a lot, sleeping a lot, and driving Randy crazy because no food EVER sounded good (this is still a bit of a problem). But in between my boring life (my brother in law Matt recently said that I sounded like a grandmother, what with all the napping and the knitting) a few things of interest did manage to happen--in spite of my beached whale syndrome.

The first exciting thing was that over Memorial Day weekend we hit the sales with our tax rebate money and a gift from my parents and finally graduated to a real bed. For those of you who haven't visited our house, we didn't exactly have a lot of furniture when we moved in. We also didn't have a lot of extra money and didn't want to go into debt, so we opted to go kind of ghetto and we slept on an air bed since we moved in at the end of last August. It worked fine until I got pregnant and started having a hard time sleeping on the inflatable wonder. My dad had been wanting to give us a bed for some time, so I finally caved and let him spoil us.

The one down side . . . our cute chinchilla can now run and hide under there if she is ever wiley enough to get away from me. Eventually we will build some kind of frame around the edge to prevent this, but for now I guess I just have to be faster.

Randy got us an amazing deal at the RC Willey outlet by purchasing our other two items at the same time. Randy really wanted to get me a glider rocker for Mothers' Day, but discovered at 11:30 p.m. the night before that Walmart doesn't sell them. At least in their stores . . . you can find them online. Anyway, we shopped around and found this one at RC Willey that we love. I tested it on baby Sam, and he seemed to approve :o)

Our final part of the shopping spree was a clothes dryer. We have had a washer since last fall, and had been hanging all our clothes up to dry on a drying rack. While the process was extremely eco-friendly, it wasn't the most time efficient. Plus it was a little awkward trying to dry large items such as sheets. Needless to say, I was a very excited girl to finally have my laundry process streamlined, especially with the prospect of all those little baby clothes that will be coming this winter.

The final piece of furniture that we added we didn't purchase, it was delivered here by some friends of ours who took a family vacation in their suburban down here from Salem over the holiday weekend. This cradle was built by my parents when they were expecting me, and now it is waiting by the side of our bed for our little one. The picture really doesn't do it justice--they did an incredible job. We are very excited to be able to use it this winter!

And speaking of the new addition, my parents have been wanting to see a picture of their pregnant girl. There really hasn't been a lot to see for the first three months. I was so sick at the beginning that I lost weight, and I really haven't been gaining it back yet. So far the grand total is 2 pounds. But I am finally starting to show--at least I can tell, I'm not sure if other people really can. So here is a picture anyway of the tummy progress so far. Personally I feel like I have eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner that just won't digest . . . it is a very strange feeling I'm trying to get used to of having my stomach stick out like this. I haven't moved on to maternity clothes yet, I am just starting to look chubby in my regular clothes.

The other big landmark we passed was feeling the baby move for the first time. About a week ago I felt the little squirm/flutter, and that has been exciting--for me at least. Randy is jealous because he can't feel anything yet. We will get to see the next picture of Baby Johnson (Randy affectionately calls it Marvin) on the 21st of this month . . . so feel free to place any last minute bets on what we're having.
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