Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Summer Afternoons

We have one o'clock church, so by the time we get home it is HOT these days. I am not a big fan of summer--I would just as soon have late snows than early summers here. Back home in Oregon, summers just meant a brief break from the rainy season, and a few hot days here and there.

This is how Wesley took in our Sunday afternoon--in his cute little green diaper!
And this is how Che took in her Sunday afternoon . . . hiding in her little club house.

Can you see the Popsicle sticks in her cage? That is probably the only reason Che likes summer--the sugar coated sticks we let her chew to bits. A girl after my own heart--she isn't a big fan of the heat either. Although for a chinchilla she is way woosey about the cold. I guess I've turned her into a bit of a cuddle-bug.

Sundays are our one day where Randy doesn't have to work and doesn't have to go to school. It is so nice to have a quiet day to spend as a family--to play games and just chill. Plus little munchkin actually lets me sit through the majority of my Sunday classes now--so church is much more . . . relaxing than it had been.

Even with the heat . . . this is my kind of day.
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