Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Developments . . .

My first baby tomato on its way! Can you spot it? My little garden/pots are doing well with the tomatoes, and I am very excited. But I have learned an important lesson: the varieties of lettuce and spinach I have been trying to grow are not suited to hot Utah summers. Back home in Oregon we would feast on fresh greens all summer long. Here . . . I am going to have to buy mine I'm afraid. No matter how carefully I have tended them, they withered and scorched underneath the hot sun. Very sad. Anyone have advice for me? I miss my lettuce!!!
So instead of a beautiful pot of salad greens, I allowed my spring volunteer spinach plant to go to seed. Who knew that spinach plants had such lovely purple-blue flowers? I didn't. Sometimes failure can be darn right pretty!
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