Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reunion Adventures, Part 2

So we came back from La Grande, OR on a Wednesday afternoon, expecting to leave for Federal Way, WA on Friday morning early to attend cousin Connor's birthday party before the big Johnson family reunion being held in Cle Elum, WA. Wednesday night Fredrick went down to sleep with only a tiny runny nose. Two and a half hours later the poor boy woke up with croup so bad we ended up taking him to the hospital for a breathing treatment. That was a long, scary night with not a lot of sleep. The trip to the birthday party was cancelled, because although he bounced back pretty quick from how sick he was that night, we didn't want to infect any on the little infants we would have been staying around. 

We headed up to Washington Sunday afternoon and made it as far as Auburn, where we stayed in a hotel for the night. About four in the morning, Wesley woke me up by climbing in bed beside me, burning up with a temp of about 102. So as Fredrick was getting better, Wesley went down for the count. Nasty cough, high fever, lethargy . . . just in time for the reunion.  Big time bummer.  

We were so  blessed in our accommodations. Each family had their own individual cabin, so while we were quarantined the whole week, we had a comfortable place to stay.

Here is Wesley's cute bed

The little kitchen table, fridge/microwave counter leading off to the bathroom.

Our bed and couch.

Fredrick immediately got into mischief by coloring his head with a green marker. It took a good week for it to come off his scalp.

My poor Wesley.

Wes did get a fun adventure on day of riding a horse for the first time. He was a little trooper and tried really hard to have fun even though he was really not well.

After a particularly rough night where Wesley's fever got up to 105, we decided to cut our losses and leave the reunion a couple days early. We were so disappointed to miss spending time with family we get to see only rarely, but we didn't want to get anyone else sick. Plus LeGrand and I were both coming down with fevers (and had some serious sleep deprivation going on) so it was time to head back. But we really loved to see everyone in passing, and we can only hope we can actually make the next reunion! (We don't have a very good track record with these events. Reunion #1: Alicia was pregnant with Wesley and puking the whole time. Reunion #2: pregnant with Fredrick and unable to travel. This was supposed to be our year, darn it!)
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