Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reunion Adventures, Part I

We've had an eventful past several weeks. It has been a mixed bag of very fun and kinda hard, but I guess that is what life is all about. The beginning of our adventures was a quick road trip with Alicia's parents back to La Grande, Oregon (yes I was born in La Grand and married a LeGrand, a bit of foreshadowing?). My parents rented a mini van--which Wesley LOVED--so we could all drive together.

These boys did a great job on the trip!

Sorry, but I had to pot Fredrick's "Pooping is hard to do" face. It was just too funny and cute.

Fredrick loved to show Great-Papa how to drive the cars!

Great-Grandma was really good at reading all their favorite stories too!

We took a trip to a really fun park in La Grande. Fredrick was NOT shy about making new friends. Little flirt!

I was a bit horrified that he just took off and climbed on to some random dad's lap. He was aware it was a stranger; he just didn't care. 

 Both boys loved the slides.

 Wesley was able to overcome his apprehension of the swings with Daddy's help.

Fredrick having fun with Grandma!

We also took a really fun trip to a fire truck museum. Talk about every little boy's dream. They had all these cool antique fire engines, from a model T on up. 

 Wesley even got to meet a real life Mack! (If you know the movie Cars, you'll know why he was so excited.)

I love how these boys are such good friends.

We even got to see our cousin Sonia while we were there for a little bit!

Just chillin' on the way back.

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