Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apartment Gardening

Last year as an Easter gift (if I remember properly) my mom gave me a gift card for a couple of large pots, some soil, seeds and garden tools so that I could have my own little "garden," even though we live in an apartment. I was so excited for my lettuce, tomatoes and herbs--until little Wesley decided that it was time to make me REALLY morning sick . . . and then nature kind of took over. As in, nothing got consistently watered, and the lettuce went to seed.

But this year--I'm not pregnant! So I'm having fun watching little seeds come up in my garden-pots-o'-fun . . .
My cute baby lettuce sprouts popping up amongst the "volunteer" salad mix from last years crop . . .

My cherry tomato seedlings, along with a roma plant my neighbor so generously gave me.

Now this is the best bit. Today I finished off the rest of my volunteer greens with hominy, baby spinach, red beans and vinaigrette. Yum.

Growing like the cutest little weed ever . . . He loves to stand on my lap, and bounce in his exersaucer, and roll. He pretty much has us wrapped around his adorable little finger with his huge grins, funny coos, and those funny little feet (that are always moving!).

Could I be any more cute?

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