Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crochet borders and a giveaway

Soon after we were married, my mom learned how to crochet adorable borders onto flannel infant receiving blankets from a friend of hers, and she passed along the information to me. They make really cute gifts for baby showers, don't take a lot of money to make, and are so useful! My mom made me a bunch of them along with matching burp clothes before I had Wesley, and since he was a "spitter" they ended up being so useful. They are wonderful to burrito wrap an infant, and the ones she made are large enough that he'll be able to use them for quite some time. Plus--did I mention they are adorable? That is really the most important part :o)

Since I had a boy and the last several friends/family members I have made these for have had boys, I had been sticking to a pretty basic border around the edges--nothing too frilly. Then when Randy's cousin had a little girl, I decided to branch out and try something a little more fancy. Here is the result:
I was pleased with the result. I had a difficult time finding a pattern for a border I liked online, so I just kind of made one up. Here are the instructions if you are interested:

Zigzag the edges of the flannel with a wingtip needle. Single crochet around the edges, in each corner making two sc in one stitch. Next row: in one half of one stitch sc four times, sc in each of next two stiches, repeat. Last row: go behind the shell where you made the four sc in one half of the stitch, and in the other half make four double crochets. Slip st. to the next shell, and repeat all the way around. Here is a closer look:
To the aforementioned cousin: I apologize that these are getting to you after your very cute baby has been born--but I will get them in the mail to you this week!

To everyone else: leave a comment on this post and I will randomly choose someone to receive a little gift packet of girl or boy burp cloths (your choice) to either use on your own munchkin, or give as a shower gift. If no one responds, then I guess I will just have something put aside for the next baby shower I'm invited to!
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