Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sixth Month Check Up

Today Wesley went in for his sixth-month visit. Here are the stats:

Height: 26.2 in--45.77 %tile
Weight: 13.62 lbs--2.12 %tile
Head: 17.7 in--71.95 %tile !!!

So . . . yeah Wes has the Johnson head after all. When he was born he only was in the 7th %tile for head circumference, but his genes finally caught up with him!

He is now rolling over from front to back, and loves to bounce and turn himself around in his exersaucer. He has started to push up on his knees a little bit . . . so I'd better start baby-proofing the house! We are supposed to start him on vegetables now, so we gave him some green beans tonight. So far he has been very patient and good natured about trying new foods--let's hope it lasts! I'll cook vegetarian for him at home, but I'm sure his grandparents will sneak him a hot dog or two when he comes to visit.

Play time

Our happy little guy. He is such a mellow little spirit.


He is getting more and more independent in his play time, but he will still look up at me every so often and give me a big grin!

Little monkey feet. He loves to grab things with his toes :o)

I love how he looks at the world with such wide eyes.

Everything--especially fingers--go in the mouth these days. Teeth should be soon to follow.

I love our quiet moments of reading together. Our favorites are What's Wrong, Little Pookie? and Goodnight Moon
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