Monday, May 4, 2009

Things Are Changing

Spring/Summer (is there really any difference here in Orem? It goes from 0-80 in about a week) is finally here, and we have been busy with all the changes a new season brings. Randy started his last "semester" (composed of one spring and one summer term), Wes is nearing his six month birthday, I have been continuing with my freelance job and trying to get various projects done. But on to the good stuff . . .

This is a project from last fall that payed off on Easter morning: bulbs from gifts I received. Sadly, two days later, they looked like this:
The other ones not open never had a chance. Very sad. But when the snow thawed the pot above sprouted with lettuce from seeds I planted last year. I may have been so morning sick that I planted lettuce that just went to seed . . . but at least I can enjoy it this year! I love fresh salads in the summer--something I miss very much about my parents' home in Salem.
The Easter Bunny came and brought all kinds of fun surprises. He even brought Wesley some rice cereal a month early (I wanted to wait until six months, but Randy was really excited . . . )
A first taste . . . Dinner with cousin Sydney . . . (she hoped her Aunt Joy would think the picture was cute!)

. . . and the many . . .

. . . stages . . .

. . . of being oh so cute in my sleep!

And Dad brought Mom some flowers just because. How sweet was he?

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