Monday, May 18, 2009

Worm Farm Composting

I was reading some articles online around Earth Day (yeah, I'm a nerd from the Northwest I know, I know) and I came across this article created by New York to encourage inner-city composting, and I thought it was too cool! I have always liked the idea of composting, but thought I would have to wait until I got a house with a yard and all that. But this method allows you to inexpensively set up a compost that you can do either indoors (I'm a little squeamish about that personally) or what I want to do--on our front porch.

One fact that interested me as well: a great number of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming come from discarded food that ends up in the landfill, where it decomposes anaerobically into methane. Who knew? I knew that Americans were notoriously wasteful of our foodstuffs, but I wasn't aware of the eco harm it was causing.

I think that soil produced from a little worm farm would make fantastic potting soil for my little garden-in-a-pot I have going on my front stoop (pictures to come). I can't grow much produce because of living in an apartment, but I am growing indoor herbs and some lettuce and tomatoes outdoors in pots. Organic produce is expensive, unless you grow it yourself!
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