Monday, November 21, 2011

There Was a Boy Who Turned 3 in Radiator Springs . . .

 Wesley is Three. My sweet, little peanut Wesley who was so, so tiny has grown up into a big three year old boy. He talks up a storm, always wants to say the prayer by himself, goes potty in the potty chair (with the right incentives), can count almost to twenty, and finds new ways to impress his parents with his remarkable wit and intelligence every day. My recent favorite exchange; Daddy: Wesley, don't pick your nose. Why do you pick your nose? It is icky to pick your nose. Wesley: Daddy does it! (Mommy may have been laughing so hard she was crying in the background as daddy turned red and walked away).

Wesley was geared up for his birthday this year. For a few days beforehand we had been counting down to his birthday. He understood that it was a special day just for him (originally he had been willing to share the day with Baby Fwedweek until we explained it was a day just for Wes) with cake, presents, and fun. He woke up to find lots of racecar balloons Daddy had brought home the night before . . . 

 . . . and then he may have gone to the doctor for a birthday shot. Mommy felt really bad about that one. Sorry Wes! But then the fun continued with lunch at Red Robin . . .

 . . . where Fredrick was so hungry he stuffed his face with soda crackers before the food even arrived. Here he is shoveling in a mouthful:

They even sang to Wesley and brought him ice cream, much to his embarrassment. He ate a few bites, but he takes after Mommy and isn't much for ice cream. 

   Fredrick on the other hand, was quite willing to pick up the ice cream burden for his brother! (Mr. Chocolate Face)  

Then it was back home for presents! His gift from Mommy and Daddy was a Lightning McQueen blanket that Mommy made for his big boy bed. We got him a Twin bed this summer, and some Lightning McQueen sheets. So this (along with Grandma Johnson's pillow) completes the set!

Grandma Weatherspoon made him some aprons--one for our house and one for theirs. One says Papa's Helper and the other says Mama's Helper. He loves to help Papa wash the dishes and cook! (He loves to help Mommy too, when she lets him help. Sometimes it is just easier now that Fredrick is walking to do the dishes after they are in bed!)

Wesley got several new cars to add to his collection. Lucky boy!

Fredrick thought that birthdays are fun too!

Wesley's three! Ready to blow out the candles on his Cars cupcake. 

Notice little brother peeking around the chair. He knows there's cake somewhere.

I knew it! Cake!

Happy birthday, my handsome boy. We love you so much. You have such a sweet spirit about you, and bring so much love, joy, and laughter to our home. Thank you for being Mommy's helper and holding Fredrick's squirrelly hands while she changes his diaper. Thank you for giving me the best hugs when I tuck you in at night. You are such a good, patient big brother to Fredrick. You are a loved, loved boy.

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