Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fredrick's Big Day!!

In September my littlest man turned 1. He is getting so grown up, and it is getting more and more ill-fitting a title for him to be called Baby. We were able to have a little party with big brother, Grandma and Papa Weatherspoon, Mom and Dad. 

My grown up boy got his very own grown up car seat just like brother. It was so cute because he knew just what it was for, and was ready to stake his claim!

What a lucky boy to have a big brother who can show him the ropes of present opening . . . 

 . . . and then have so much fun playing together! 

 Birthdays are super fun Mom and Dad!

Can you tell this boy loves his cars?

I think his presents were a success! Now on to the cake . . . 

If you recall his animal theme was the elephant. So I thought after Wesley's monkey cake, Fredrick deserved something special too.

The tentative first tastes. This isn't a trick? I can eat all this yummy sugar? And make a mess?

Why have you been feeding me that tasteless mush all these months? This is great!

Baby bliss.

Look how handsome the birthday boy is! And in his own little corduroy Tom's as well (Thanks Grandma Johnson!)

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