Monday, November 28, 2011

Halloween 2011

 I realized none of you got to see how adorable my kids were on Halloween. Now that's just a shame!

First off, how cute are the matching Halloween jammies?

One nice thing about having boys close together is the hand-me-down factor. I put a ton of effort into Wesley's costume from two years ago, and I was able to use it this year for Fredrick.

He makes a pretty darn cute monkey!

Wesley was a puppy. I sewed like crazy to make his costume, and as the hours wound down to the church trunk-or-treat we were attending, I may have received a little help from the resident expert (Mom).

Wes loved making the puppy noises, and he was fascinated by his tail. It was really funny to watch him as he turned in circles trying to catch hold of it.

He got really in to trick or treating this year. Knock on people's doors and they give you candy? This is the best thing ever! 

This is one excited puppy!

I'd say it was a successful year!

Happy Halloween!

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