Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crayon Holders

I saw this project last summer sometime on my friend Melissa's blog, and knew that I wanted to do it. I planned on making this as a present for my nieces for Christmas . . . well it is March now . . . please don't judge me! The fabric was picked out and purchased while I was on bed rest, but I couldn't really sit at a sewing machine to complete them. Then my tiny baby came and my life became insane. Anyway, I hope they will forgive me.

They really aren't too difficult to make, although the rick-rack is not my favorite thing to try and sew with. But I think they turned out pretty cute in spite of my novice sewing skills!
Here they are unrolled. The picture is kind of far away to get both of them in the shot, but there are little slots for crayons. Then you roll them up, tie them with the ribbon, and take them with you wherever. I want to make one in boy fabric for Wesley when he gets old enough. I think they would be great to take to church or on road trips. If you are interested in making some, you can find the pattern here.
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