Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Like Hats

Something I discovered recently: small change in yarn = big change in final product. For example--I was trying to make a gift for a neighbor who recently had a baby boy, and I tried this pattern (which I usually make with Caron so soft yarn) with some cute speckled Red Heart yarn . . . and instead of being an infant hat, it fit my one year old nephew. Ooops. Anyway, I had plenty of leftover Caron, and I finished this a couple days ago.

The pattern is super easy, and I think looks pretty darn cute. (Or is it that I just think my baby is so cute the hat is cute by extension?) Anyway, here are the instructions if you want to give it a try:

2 shades Caron so soft yarn (if you want it to fit a three month old. Finger weight for tiny ones, regular worsted weight for a toddler, you get the idea . . . )
Size 4 US needles
Size 6 US needles
yarn needle to sew up seam

Beg at lower edge with first color and no. 4 needles, cast on 70 sts. Work in ribbing of k 1, p 1 for 6 rows. Change to No. 6 needles. Work in stockinette st, 2 rows one color, 2 rows the next until 24 rows above ribbing. Dec Row 1: Continuing in stripe pat, *k 2 tog, k 8, repeat from * across. P 1 row. Row 2: * K 2 tog, k 7, repeat from * across. P 1 row. Continue in this manner, dec every other row, having 1 less st between dec, until 7 sts remain. Cut yarn, leaving a 12" end. Thread end through rmaining sts and fasten securely. Sew sweam, matching stripes.
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