Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Moments Monday: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I think it is good to have interests that are all your own. It would be boring if everyone was good at exactly the same things--there would be no variety. Coming into a new relationship and eventually marriage, it has been fun to be introduced to new things. My husband has introduced me to an amazing world of classical music, and I have tried to interest him (with more or less success) in my world of literature. And even though some activities like knitting are just for me, I think it is important to occasionally go out on a limb and do something together that HE really likes to do, or that YOU really love.

One of those things for us when we were dating was video games. My husband grew up with various consoles and different computer games--they were a big part of his childhood and a way he connected with his brothers. I, on the other hand, grew up with books . . . yeah I was a little nerd. So when we started dating and I realized that some of his free time would be taken up by gaming of some variety, I took him up on an offer that I'm sure he thought I would refuse: to play with him.

So we played Warcraft together. And Age of Mythology. Sometimes his roommates would even join the LAN parties with us. And you know what? I actually had fun. Not that I sit down and play computer games on my own time, but I think it meant a lot that I would sit down and do something with him that he really liked doing.

On his part, my husband has made an effort to do activities that I enjoy. He even went so far as to try yoga with me . . . which was HUGE for him. He even offered to watch Emma with me on my birthday (probably the movie he hates most in this world, apart from the A&E Pride and Prejudice, only because it is considerably longer). But trying new things, whether it is playing catch with a baseball (new for me) or fly fishing (new for him) has strengthened our family and opened up new worlds of activities that we like to do together.

As a footnote, one of our favorite family memories is getting Randy's parents to come lazer tagging. If you know them, you can imagine how funny it would be . . . and the best part: they had a great time!

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